The Wubi Installer

The Wubi Installer

I realize that both Peter and I were a little off our game but such is the life of a podcaster. This week we took a very hard look at Ubuntu and gave it a little criticism (only a little). But, believe me, like my father would say “it hurt me more”.

Though I couldn’t always tell behind that satisfied grin he wore most of the time. Other than that, we had about 42 minutes of unedited content and that was just the news! Don’t worry, I pared the news segment down to about thirty minutes and adding in all the other content the whole enchilada will only cost you 42 minutes of your life.

Just a couple of things I want to editorialize, and that is how Linux is becoming, more and more, a story that even major news outlets will cover. I sit here and think, why? Is it ease of use? Or, are people frustrated with monpolistic corporations. How about powerful do-it-all operating systems and applications? Or, free (and liberated) code unencumbered by copyright or DRM.

It is not easy to tell nor is there exactly one answer that covers the growing backlash against once unstoppable forces. Needless to say, things are heating up in the open source arena and I am excited to be a part of it. Enough ranting, below are the links mentioned in the show, and have a great day:

  1. WSJ – Linux’s Free System Is Now Easier to Use, But Not for Everyone
  2. Ubuntu for your grandmother
  3. All Macedonian students to use Linux desktops
  4. nComputing
  5. FOX-Getting Started With Linux
  6. FOX-Six Top Linux Distributions
  7. Mozilla spins off Thunderbird
  8. PCLinuxOS
  9. iTunesDB Hacked in a Couple of Days!
  10. SCO Group Shares To Be Delisted From Nasdaq, Effective Sept. 27
  11. Divining from the Entrails of Ubuntu’s Gutsy Gibbon

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