Pimp And Panel

Pimp And Panel

This week I go through how to pimp up your panel with some system bling that will really knock your socks off! Yes, I know what you are thinking, “he actually said pimp, bling, and ‘knock your socks off’ in the same sentence!”.

So, as the shock wears off and as I try and hold my composure together, have a listen to to get the downlow. Here is a picture of my panel, foshizzle! Somebody stop me.Here is a link to the a blog post by Peter Nikolaidis about his beta test of Feisty Fawn Herd 5. Things look like they are progressing rather nicely on the development side of things with lots of updates. So I must reiterate here that I am looking forward to the release come April.

Perusing Digg earlier last week I saw this most amazing post on a portable media player that is a linux users dream. It is called the Vibez and it looks beautiful.

If you haven’t already seen it I’ve posted a picture that I ripped straight from their website. You can get one through Amazon.com, I wish I knew my affiliate number but I seem to have misplaced it, bummer.

And lastly, The command line command of the week was – SED, aka, stream editor. Here are a couple of links that goes over it a little better than the podcast, hey nobody’s perfect.

The command looks to be a useful tool if you write or code a lot and also make a lot of mistakes that need to be edited. Sounds like someone I know, hmmm…Can’t think of his name right now but, oh well, it’ll come to me later.

Enjoy the podcast, maybe have a few drinks before to help ease the pain. Talk to you later.

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