Lndy Car Retrospective

Lndy Car Retrospective

I was watching some of the highlights of the Indy 500, and as I watched the drivers talk about the winner I began thinking to myself, “This is a veritable love-fest we have here”.

I was surprised to say the least. The eventual winner was Dario Franchitti and in the least NASCAR-like manner, on the television no less are some of Indy cars’ biggest names, Andretti, Hornish, Castroneves, and the like, giving the most proper respect to Franchitti.

All-in-all, GENUINELY, saying mighty nice things about him and how deserving he was to win. Of all the shock and “trailer-ish” type of shenanigans I see in a NASCAR race, to see this genuine admiration of a fellow competitor was a breath of fresh air.

But, then again this is no NASCAR race. This is the “Big Daddy” of races, which brings me to this point. I see that there was a Linux sponsored car in the race also. Immediately I thought how great this was for Linux, to get the much needed exposure that is due to the little known but well respected operating system.

Furthest from my mind, before the race started was the thought that this car was going to win. And, it wouldn’t have surprised me to learn that it didn’t. What did surprise me was that it came in last place, and the how it did that. Under the most unusual of circumstances, the Linux car crashed (the first to crash that day) on a water soaked speedway.

Now, I have been using a Linux based operating system for about one year now and I’ve never had a BSOD, nor seen it suddenly stop, or seize up on me. True, I have had to put an application out of its misery by forcing it to quit a time or three, but never a full system crash.

You know, I’ve read every joke on the internet about drivers and Linux not being compatible and it is rather funny and ironic in a “meta” sort of way. I do have a sense of humor after all. Lastly, here is my Indy car racing gesture to the Linux car team.

Well done! You got a car qualified to race in one of the biggest platforms for racing short of the “24 hours at LeMans” and you were doing a splendid job until a downpour happened to ruin not just your day, but, many of the greatest names in racing.

Better luck next time, and I do hope there is a next time. As far as I am concerned, the Linux car can “crash” at the hint of a raincloud in the middle of July as long as my computer never does.

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