Reliance Jio took the telecom sector by storm and destroyed its competition immediately after entering the market. Jio was the big breakthrough for the reliance industries as it provided them the perfect support that they were looking for quite some time.


It just declared an all-out war to the market major players like Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea. The main target of Jio was to provide high-speed internet at cheaper rates that were way cheaper than 3G packs provided by airtel and other players.

They also targeted the budget customers which turns out to be the successive move in their business growth and market hold. After destroying its competitors in the cellular market, Jio is now trying to get its hands on the entertainment sector and again ruin the strategy of its competitors as a whole.
The Mukesh Ambani led company Reliance Jio doesn’t want to limit its market to just a telecom company. Jio is up for a new challenge and now it is setting its own production house where it will produce its web series and various digital contents like movies and episodes for its Jio customers.

This can be a significant move by reliance as the popularity of accessing digital media is increasing and getting popular every day. The market is currently in the hold of three major players which are Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

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They have numerous numbers of content ready to be accessed on their platform. Indian market is a major playground for these players as India has the second-largest number of smartphone users just after china. The Indian market is specifically chosen by almost every industry so that they could gain some percentage of the crowd for themselves.

Due to this the competition between various companies is getting much harder and to survive in this market you need a great understanding of the Indian market and its local customers. Jio is consistently reading the market and acquiring the data so that they could provide every people what they need the most.

A large part of the Indian market is based on budget-oriented services which Jio tries to provide their services at the cheapest cost possible that they did with the telecom industry. They released the latest generation technology with the cheapest plans and acquired the whole market in very little time.

Jio has recently launched its Jio Giga Fiber broadband services bundled with extra entertainment packages. The Jio Giga Fiber Broadband service is currently providing the fastest internet speed in India. The maximum speed output is 1GBPS which is way faster than what its competitors are providing.

The best thing about Jio is they always take care of budget range and provide the best possible services at a very low cost. So, they started their Giga fiber plan from Rs.799 but with a maximum speed limit of 100 MBPS which is far more than enough for half of the Indian consumers.

They priced this service aggressively for providing their service to everyone in this country. Jio also revealed that it will bundle a free set-top box with its Jio Giga fiber. The Set-top box from Jio is a multifunctional device that carries multiple interesting features to provide you a better entertainment experience.

The Set-top box can also be used as a gaming console through which you can play high graphics paced games easily without any lag or trouble. It also provides a mixed reality feature that is very advanced in terms of technology and has awesome features that you can use efficiently. Jio doesn’t stop its offerings here and went far more ahead by providing free HD and 4K TVs to their customers.

You don’t have to pay a single buck for the TV and you can enjoy all the entertainment packs as you like. The only catch is that you have to take the annual plan of Jio Giga Fiber for a lifetime which I think is not a big issue for at least 80 percent of the customers.

They are providing you with everything from machine to software so that you can enjoy your favorite content without stopping.

The market strategy by Reliance is clear that is they want to develop India in the technology field by providing that technology to almost every hand in India. They are providing numerous numbers of features so that you don’t have to think about something even if you didn’t bear with a silver spoon in your mouth.

As they have targeted the entertainment industry with everything they have got they are fully prepared to destroy its competitors who were settled way before in this sector. Other companies like airtel and Idea are also trying to dominate the digital entertainment sector by providing various exclusive services to their customers but they are still lacking in their pricing strategy when compared to Jio.

Airtel has also launched its 4K streaming device but it is still costlier than what you get by Jio at a lower price. Reliance Jio is immensely dealing with future technologies too. As they provided mixed reality technology in their set-top box which provides people to use many extra features.

The move by the Reliance industries is very targeted and focused on the entertainment sector which no doubt they can conquer with little more efforts. The entrance of Jio in the entertainment industry can ruin everything for these online streaming platforms who are currently ruling the digital entertainment sector.

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