Free Geek Podcast

Free Geek Podcast

It is good to be back doing the podcast and I am looking for a great year ahead for the Fresh Ubuntu Podcast. First off, I would like to welcome a couple of guys that are helping out with the podcast.

You may have already have heard of Tim, who was the genius behind the Ubuntu Live conference. Not only did Tim single handedly get us into the conference but without his help at the conference we might not have had the interviews that we got.

Tim is going to specialise on the technical side and hopefully will be doing his own segment on the podcast. Secondly, I want to welcome Peter who was the FIRST person to leave me a comment when I first started the podcast.

I think I had about a hundred listeners in the beginning and as a podcaster getting a comment from a listener is like crack to an addict. In fact, the only other thing that could even come close to it is getting dugg, stumbled or tagged.

Peter will help out by adding a little flavor to the news and will host his own segment called the “Man Page Minute”. You can check out Peters Soapbox

This week Peter and I touched on a few news stories that we were intrigueing and the links are below:

  1. Microsoft Kill “Get The Facts Site”
  2. Microsoft Loses Open XML Standards Battle
  3. Desktop Linux Survey
  4. HP To Introduce Mass Market Linux PC
  5. Mark Shuttleworth Lifehacker Interview

We also mentioned a few sites worth noting is the Linus Vault and can be located here. The Linux Vault is a wiki for all things Linux. Err, at least, the Linux distro’s mentioned on their site.

Looks to me like a good idea and of course they are seeking the help of the respective communities to help fill it in a bit. Jaunt on over if you are willing to help out. Also, if you haven’t already heard you might want to check out the new social networking site Ubuntero, labeled as a social network for Ubuntu users, developers and fans. I am sure it will fill in quite nicely in the near future if you haven’t heard of it you might want to check it out.

If there is anyone interested int he developers summit you can get a little more information at Jono Bacons blog. And, lastly, let’s not forget that Gutsy Gibbon is just around the corner and we hope to see some bug fixes and advancement in the near future as we get closer to the final release in October. If all goes well, then we should see Gutsy bounce in by October 18th, keep your fingers crossed.

Main Segment

Our main segment we covered this great organization called Free Geek which is an establishement in Poretland Oregon that recycles old computers and uses many of the parts to refurbish compueters. What is cool about these guys is the great things they are doing for the entire tech community, from recycle and reusing used parts to offering advice to start up your own “Free Geek” in the community where you live.

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