Four Letter Word

Four Letter Word

Hi, I am back!! This week I talk a little bit about root and sudo and how that is used in Ubuntu. Just a couple of things about it, firstly, that the root account and hence the ability to use a root terminal is turned off by default. You can however turn this feature on at your leisure, though not recommended.

In any case, root as you may have heard on the podcast is like an administrator account in Windows. This account can do just about everything to your computer that you would want it to do and some things that you might not want it to do.

Again, it is powerful, but, alas not idiot-proof. This is where sudo comes in. Sudo is a command line command that begs for a little more attention than the usual command line command of the week. What sudo does is allows the user with your regular run of the mill permissions to do administrative tasks.

Things like edit configuration files, setup file permissions, and…packages, yes, to install on your system. The way I see it as explained in the podcast root is to sudo as Superman is to Clark Kent. Either way, both have the same weaknesses and that is kryptonite, or incorrect command line input. See, Superman isn’t so BAD after all.

For the regular user, you might never have to access a root account. I’ll be honest with you I haven’t even tried. But, one never knows when I have to rip off my button down shirt to reveal my Superman footie pajamas (don’t be jealous, I got them for Christmas!) Well, there you go, just a couple things about root and sudo and pajamas, hmmm. Here is a link to more informatioin about root and sudo

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