Dell Wises Up And Ask Community

Dell Wises Up And Ask Community

I just read recently that Dell has decided, in its infinite wisdom, to ask its user base exactly what computer line would they want linux installed and what distro to use.

I can just see some nervous VP walking anxiously about in the boardroom saying to his team, “Okay people, they want linux! Now what do we do? What distro? Which product line? We need to figure this out quick before our user base turns on us.”

Then at the moment when they have exhausted all logical corporate options a guy stand up. You know, the one who worked a part time job through technical college? And, of course, he started at Dell as an assembly line technician, but, managed to impress enough middle management types to work his way into their ranks.

I could just hear him say, “Instead of scrapping this linux thing altogether, why don’t we just ask them what distro they want?” Then they all turn their heads to see who it is, then look at each other nodding approvingly and give this guy a standing ovation and a free trip to the executive wash room.

But, seriously, I have to hand it to Dell. They did the most anti-corporate thing in the world to do. Yes, ask the customer what they want. Dell opened up this dialogue to begin with. But, you see, they had to. I meet a lot of folks that are ambivalent towards Dell neither overly excited nor dissapointed for the most part.

And apathy towards its product spells death, or at least veritable obscurity, to a tech company just ask IBM. So, I applaude them for asking, for reaching out, and for not doing what too many companies often do. Focus too much on quality and quantity (although very good in and of itself) and not enough on caring about who buy their goods.

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