Dell Wises Up And Ask Community

Dell Wises Up And Ask Community I just read recently that Dell has decided, in its infinite wisdom, to ask its user base exactly what computer line would they want linux installed and what distro to use. I can just see some nervous VP walking anxiously about in the boardroom saying to his team, “Okay […]

Pimp And Panel

Pimp And Panel This week I go through how to pimp up your panel with some system bling that will really knock your socks off! Yes, I know what you are thinking, “he actually said pimp, bling, and ‘knock your socks off’ in the same sentence!”. So, as the shock wears off and as I […]

Add And Remove, Uh, Sometimes

Add And Remove, Uh, Sometimes Welcome back, You can download the podcast on site . Before I get started, i just want to say due to the Holiday Weekend (aka, the SuperBowl) I will not be putting out a podcast for the week of February 4th 2007. I hope you understand and may the best […]