10 Thing You Should Do To A New Linux PC Before Exposing It To Internet

10 Thing You Should Do To A New Linux PC Before Exposing It To Internet

There is no such thing as a perfect or completely secure computer operating system. Will the machine be a desktop computer or a server; purpose is a key to understanding how to initially install and configure your Linux PC.

There seems to be a lot of excitement with the next release of Ubuntu. Dubbed Feisty Fawn, I am anticipating near record downloads of the cd and hopefully Canonical has prepared for the jolt in traffic. I say bittorrent if you can, otherwise, expect long download times.

If, however, you are prepared for it to take awhile you can read the article in the above link while you wait! Oh, and read the comments as they can be enlightning as well. Some of the advice in the column I have done with my Edgy Eft installation back in November.

But, there are a number of things in the article that I have yet to learn about and will surely look into it. Overall, lots of good information for new Linux users.

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