Cheapest SMM Panel In India

Cheapest SMM Panel In India Smm Panel India? SMM stands for social media marketing. It is a form of Internet marketing that uses social networking sites as a marketing tool. Social media marketing panels are very famous in India and around the globe as of now. Social media services are used by many brands and […]


TipShack Ubuntu has released the Beta version of Fesity Fawn as they go into the beta freeze mode! I must say this is a much anticipated release for me as there are many exciting changes and additions to this version of Ubuntu. From restiricted formats to 3d desktops to well I’ll let you listen to […]


HOW ENTRANCE OF JIO IN MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT CAN DISRUPT HOTSTAR, NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME BUSINESS IN INDIA Reliance Jio took the telecom sector by storm and destroyed its competition immediately after entering the market. Jio was the big breakthrough for the reliance industries as it provided them the perfect support that they were looking for quite […]

How To Use Packages

How To Use Packages So, I’ve finally gotten out of summer mode long enough to get the next podcast put together. You can listen or download this episode here. Inside the podcast I talk about a new package that I have been using lately and some interesting news worthy of inclusion and then I talk […]

Update On Fresh Ubuntu

Update On Fresh Ubuntu So now that the summer is winding down I just want to ready everyone for the continuation of what I believe will be a year to remember. Also, the site got “Stumbled” and sent a lot of traffic my way, so I want to thank the “stumblers” who stopped by and […]

Free Geek Podcast

Free Geek Podcast It is good to be back doing the podcast and I am looking for a great year ahead for the Fresh Ubuntu Podcast. First off, I would like to welcome a couple of guys that are helping out with the podcast. You may have already have heard of Tim, who was the […]

Micro Vidcast Reader

Micro Vidcast Reader As promised I am now on a more regular publishing schedule, at least for the podcast anyway. And it is good to have the ship righted once again. We here at Fresh Ubuntu are working hard to bring the latest happenings in Ubuntu-land on a weekly basis. Overall, it has been a […]

The Wubi Installer

The Wubi Installer I realize that both Peter and I were a little off our game but such is the life of a podcaster. This week we took a very hard look at Ubuntu and gave it a little criticism (only a little). But, believe me, like my father would say “it hurt me more”. […]